Monday, June 24, 2013

The Beginning

OK before I go into my first post here are a few expectations for this blog:
1. I am not an amazing writer! I write what I think. I don't attempt to be be all fluent and artistic in my writing. if you grade it on grammatical errors and stuff Ill be lucky to get a B. And yes I do use some people's big Pet peeves. I use text language sometimes! *GASP*
2. This blog is for the Glory of God not for my own gain and attention
3. I more than likely will not keep a blog after I get back because I am not much of a blogger.

Ok wow... Here I am, all dressed and ready for adventure! :) I am so excited yet MAJOR nervous for the first week of training at SMBI. They say its mad intense. *teeth chattering* I am so relieved that I get to go on at least part of this adventure with my really good friend Alicia Schlabach.
    Before I continue I will give you an overview of what this summer is all about for me. I am going to Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute under the WATER (World Awareness Training in Evangelistic Responsibility) program. There will be a week of Training at SMBI then on July 2nd I fly to Nicaragua with several other students and I will be helping out at the Olive Branch Mennonite Mission down there. I don't really know much about my responsibilities down there. Guess I will find out when I get down there. I am not sure at this point which day I am flying back but I know we will have one more day at SMBI and I will be heading home August 3rd. I will have 2 and a half week break and then Its off to Belize on the 20th for a week.
   So the last couple days have been saying my goodbye and experiencing my lasts (before I leave) and if you know me. I hate goodbyes. At least its only for the summer. I can handle that. :) Bye church, bye work, bye family, bye friends, last time wearing skirts n shirts. ok *pause*That was a big one for me lol because i have never been a dress wearer. :) uh oh Im gonna have to cut it short because *drum roll* IT'S TIME TO LEAVE!!! I'm going to meet Alicia and we are driving out to SMBI together. So yea THANKS everyone! prayers are greatly appreciated! ~Bethany

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