Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Wow wow wow what can I say! This was quite a week! How can I gain so many dear friends in only 7 days? And already we are saying goodbye. I am not gonna go into the many many details of my week at SMBI except that it was filled with many sessions, sermons and team building lessons.  I wish I could help all yall experience what I have experienced this past week. Incredible! My dormies were incredible and one even has a crazy awesome Virginian accent so if I come back saying things weird don't be surprised. I was really surprised how easy it was to get used to the veils and dresses. Ok let's talk stretching times! Definitely the swing set! We had to walk across the swing set holding onto only a rope! We had a dinky harness under our arms too. When my group went... yeah it started pouring! Like barely see in front of you pouring! We were a soaked bunch. Needless to say I never plan to walk across a swing set again! Well we finally left SMBI at 9pm Monday night. We got to Newark NJ at around 1 after I talked my poor busmates ears off. They are learning that when I am fighting sleep or tiredness I babble and babble! But apparently I was good entertainment. The group that got off at our end of Newark was the GTO southeast Asia team and us Nicaraguans. So aka. Me, Emily, Kaylee, Shawn, Renita, Brandon, Bradlyn, Sharla, Andrea, Jared, Abby and Claudia. I absolutely love this group! We found a place to camp out until we could check in at 3. The guys were sleeping and us girls were watching a movie on my Laptop. At 3:15 we checked in and went through security before anyone else so it was nice and easy. I was so hyper and goofy. So we are hanging out right now waiting for our flights! Us Nicaraguans leave at 10 and the GTO leave at 11. Prayers are more than appreciated. I am currently have not slept since 8:30 yesterday morning. I can’t sleep in airports or on planes. Hmm Im gonna crash when I get down there. ~Bethany

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