Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Nicaraguan Experience

  •      Eating supper and seeing a chicken come pecking to the door and come inside.
  •          Seeing women walking up the road yelling EL PAN (which are absolutely amazing btw! It’s like sweet bread. Bread with sugar :) yummy!)
  •           Learning how to cook different foods and eating new foods. Plantain chips are amazing btw!
  •           Trying to communicate in a language that I can barely speak. That can be a trial for me cuz yall know me! I love talking!! ;)
  •           Getting a ride in a bike taxi. I really liked that!
  •           Getting rained on by bugs in the night time.
  •           Having my feet so bit up that I can barely touch them without hitting a mosquito bite! Ugh itchy!
  •           Paying for my own internet.  50 cents a half hour. They have a little thingy you hook into your computer and then there is a program u install into your computer and you send out how long you wanna be on and then when you get a message back you hit connect and your good to go :)
  •           Sitting in the hammock and being able to hear the baseball game going on in town. Baseball is huge down here!
  •           Sit through 3+ services a week that you can even understand but you know that is glorifying God.
  •           Having to EVERYONE stare at you as you walk into town which I’m used to stares cuz I’m a Mennonite in a town that doesn’t have that many Mennonites but at least at home they look away if you look at them. Lol actually it doesn’t really bother me. Cracks me up really.
  •           A Nicaraguan hamburger. Hmmmmm no offense but major fail. I’ll wait for a hamburger till I get back to the states. There isn’t anything to them :) I bit into mine and could figure out which part was the meat. It made me laugh
  •           Drinking everything outa bags! I actually really like this part! I mean it’s so fun. Idk why but it’s more fun drinking stuff out of bags. I should start a company back in the states that does that! Just bite off an edge and suck. And their fruity drinks are the best down here!
  •           Little geckos everywhere. As I sit here I just saw one run across the wall. So cute! As long as they stay out of my bed I’m good.
  •           Wearing dresses all the time. Believe it or not I really have come to like wearing dresses! They are fun.
  •           Watching women make tortillas out of their home. Hmm yummy!
  •           Climbing volcanoes!
  •           Sharing a room for an extended period of time. Krista was kind enough to let me room with her for the duration of my stay.
  •           Selling sticky buns by yelling through the streets EL PAN DULCE!
  •           Seeing other white people and thinking oh wow there is a gringo. :)
  •           Seeing the moon making the crests of the waves literally glow. Beyond gorgeous!
  •           Volleyball on the beach. Come to think of it I have never actually done that before.

And much more but that is what came to my mind as I am sitting here eating baked oatmeal and drinking milk. Thank you guys for your prayers when both Brandon and I were sick. We are both for the most part better. Sadly sickness seems to the fashion or something right now cuz now Krista is sick and she isn't doing very well.  More prayers appreciated! Thanks you guys! You guys are the best! :) :)

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